Spring Centerpiece

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I finally put together our spring centerpiece. I bought a small bunch for flowers, along with a thyme plant and mint. I love having something that is pretty to look at, and useful when it comes time to prepare dinner! Add some jars, glasses, and decorative items from around the house, and done!


  1. I love your chevron wall and was wanting to do the same to a wall in my house!! Did you use a wall stencil? Or how exactly did you do it? Any tips would be appreciated!!
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Ashly. I did not use a stencil. I actually did a lot of measuring and taping, and used a large level to help keep things straight. I will be helping a friend create the same look in the next couple of months, and I will do a full tutorial on it at that time (and I will figure out the easiest way to do it). For now, here is a great article a friend sent me. Its a wall with a very similar look and the instructions.
      One painting tip that is very important: After you have painted your wall the background color, and taped off the pattern, go back and use the background color to repaint every section that will be the contrasting color (in my case that was the white). This creates a seal between the paint and the background, and helps keep the contrasting color from leaking under the tape. You will have nice crisp lines!
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