DIY Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

This week's big diy project is a new dog bed for Mars and Cola. We found this fantastic vintage suitcase at a garage sale for a buck, perfect for a new bed for our boys! I bought a standard pillow from Target for a two dollars, and added some tufts using just a needle and thread and some felt squares. Then I used fabric from my fabric scrap box to make a throw pillow. I snagged a half yard of snuggly fabric from JoAnn at 50% off to use as a cozy blanker, and painted some dowels to hold the suitcase open while in use. Lastly, I topped it all off with a painted dollar store mirror. Done!


Another great feature, it can all be easily packed up for a road trip!


  1. Very cool. My wife has like 3 of these suitcases sitting around our house. now we just need a dog!

    1. Thanks Rob, just checked out your blog. Love your photography! Good stuff.