Bringing New Life to an Old Lamp

We have a few high quality old brass lamps in our place. I love them, they are classic and can go with pretty much any style. When we first acquired this lamp, we gave it a fresh coat of glossy black paint which went well against the white walls in our last apartment. But, once it was moved to it's new home in our current hallway, it got lost against the charcoal walls. I wanted it to be shiny and gold again, but finding that original metal underneath the black was not an option. I love gold spray paint, however it just wouldn't look right on this lamp. It would be too similar to the original finish, but not quite there. So, I decided to go for another metallic spray paint finish. This rose gold was perfect. It gave the lamp sophistication and made it pop against the dark walls. The color is unexpected, which gives it some edge. It's amazing what a little spray paint can do! Who knows what color is next in this lamps future…

1 comment:

  1. That was useful, in just a minor steps you already restored your old lamp. Awesome!