I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! We were busy with some Easter fun, and I will be posting all about it this week!

Here is the new site:

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The New Site!

Finally! The new blog is up and running. I have decided to change the name to The Golden Jellybean. You will have to excuse the dust as I continue to work on things, redirection being one of them. But, please head on over and check it out!



Spring Centerpiece

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I finally put together our spring centerpiece. I bought a small bunch for flowers, along with a thyme plant and mint. I love having something that is pretty to look at, and useful when it comes time to prepare dinner! Add some jars, glasses, and decorative items from around the house, and done!


Tuesday Tips: Recycled Rubber Pavers

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Living in the city, we are lucky to have an apartment with a couple balconies. However, it's all metal with a grate bottom. Not the most comfortable thing to stand on, especially for small feet and little paws. We scoured the internet for a solution and came across rubber decking. Upon further searching , I finally discovered these recycled rubber pavers from Menards. At just $4.99 each, it's a fairly cost effective solution for our balcony. We made more use of our balcony this past weekend than we did the whole first year living here. A quick fix just in time for the nice weather!

Here is what the balcony looked like before:


DIY Painted Stool

Find this post on the new blog thegoldjellybean.com

Good Morning! I had planned to launch the new site today, however there were a few bumps in the road and it's not quite ready yet. So stay tuned… For now, here is today's diy project!

I have been wanting to replicate the popular dipped furniture looks, such as this one. We had a stool that needed some personality, so it was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. However, the stool was unfinished wood, so leaving any of it in its natural state wouldn't work for us. I use the stool daily, so the unfinished wood is exposed to dirt and spills, which can soak in and become impossible to remove. Sydney also gets good use out of the stool, so it can take a bit of a beating. I ended up just using the dipped leg furniture trend as inspiration, and painted the entire stool. I started by spray painting the bottom portion of each leg and the top of each step with gold spray paint. Next, I taped off the areas I wanted to remain gold, and painted everything else white. We love the outcome, the stool has some personality and holds up well to daily use!


Things I Loved This Week

  1. These tables from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams are a great update to the popular tree stump side table, and they spark an idea for a great diy project (esp if you currently have a tree stump table)!
  2. I feel like I am always in need of ziploc baggies in my purse. This product is a great solution! No more leaking lipgloss, or having to stash a used wet wipe in the fabric pocket in my purse.
  3. I can't wait to sit and make up stories with Sydney and this book of art designed by Tupera Tupera.
  4. These masks are fun for dress up and make believe, plus they'd look great hanging on the wall. My favorite combination of pretty and useful! The bunny mask would be the perfect for an Easter basket.
  5. We have been reading this book almost every night this week, and of course putting on some awesome light shows!
  6. Sydney can't get enough of these shadow puppets

A New Look, A New Name.

Good morning and happy Friday! So I have been working on making some changes to the blog this week. As I am moving forward with my etsy store, and getting all the right business paperwork in order, I have realized it's in my best interest to change my blog and business name now.

When I first started this blog, the name was inspired by Sydney and her love for Sunbutter and jelly sandwiches. As things are starting to develop and grow, I don't want there to be any confusion between the Sunbutter product and my business. So a new name and a new look is in the works, and I hope to unveil it on Monday! The process should be smooth and all current blog information and members should automatically transfer over to the new blog. All old links will also be redirected to the new site.

Please bear with me as I am making these changes. Today's post will be up shortly, and I promise I already have some great diy projects all ready for posting next week! Stay tuned!!



DIY Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

This week's big diy project is a new dog bed for Mars and Cola. We found this fantastic vintage suitcase at a garage sale for a buck, perfect for a new bed for our boys! I bought a standard pillow from Target for a two dollars, and added some tufts using just a needle and thread and some felt squares. Then I used fabric from my fabric scrap box to make a throw pillow. I snagged a half yard of snuggly fabric from JoAnn at 50% off to use as a cozy blanker, and painted some dowels to hold the suitcase open while in use. Lastly, I topped it all off with a painted dollar store mirror. Done!


Another great feature, it can all be easily packed up for a road trip!


Bringing New Life to an Old Lamp

We have a few high quality old brass lamps in our place. I love them, they are classic and can go with pretty much any style. When we first acquired this lamp, we gave it a fresh coat of glossy black paint which went well against the white walls in our last apartment. But, once it was moved to it's new home in our current hallway, it got lost against the charcoal walls. I wanted it to be shiny and gold again, but finding that original metal underneath the black was not an option. I love gold spray paint, however it just wouldn't look right on this lamp. It would be too similar to the original finish, but not quite there. So, I decided to go for another metallic spray paint finish. This rose gold was perfect. It gave the lamp sophistication and made it pop against the dark walls. The color is unexpected, which gives it some edge. It's amazing what a little spray paint can do! Who knows what color is next in this lamps future…